DTX-12000 Series

DTX-12000 Series

Powered for a better finish!

The high-performance DTX-12000 Dynatronix by Process Technology Power Supply will bring your process to the next level, delivering accurate, ultra-low ripple DC power.

Inside high-efficiency silicon carbide (SiC) components and synchronous rectification (SR) reduce process energy consumption, while the modular 19-inch external footprint allows for scalable power levels up to 120,000W.

Paired with the new M-1 Controller featuring digital controls, a bright LCD screen, advanced data logging, and Ethernet/IP connectivity capability, the DTX-12000 delivers superior performance and premium power. DC, 200Hz, Air cooled, 120-1,000 amps, 12-100 volts, 12,000 watts. DTX-6000 also available.


  • Electroplating
  • Electro-Refining
  • Electro-Forming
  • Electro-Polishing
  • Electrowinning
  • Plating on Plastic
  • Anodizing

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