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Tytan in Medical Device Manufacturing

Continuous, hot deionized to rinse surfaces ensures even finish.

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Thermax² in Aerospace

Hard sulfuric anodizing in aircraft parts finishing.

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Phosphate Heaters used in Oil Tool Manufacturing

Phosphate coatings create quality finish.

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Fluoropolymer Heaters in Hard Chrome

Patented purged design extends heater life.

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Heat Safely

Learn how using liquid level controls improves process safety.

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Tytan In Ultrasonic Cleaning

Pre-heating saves time and money.

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Product News

Field Service Bulletin

P4 Thermal Protectors

Field Service Bulletin

Changes to EasyPlug Heaters

Field Service Bulletin

HX 600 Volt, 5 - 6 kW Heaters

Field Service Bulletin

3rd-party approvals on NR25/DLC16.

Field Service Bulletin

Flexible Cord Heaters.

Field Service Bulletin

UL on Deep Tank Heaters.

2017 Controls Update

Update to Combination Controls in our 2017 Price List.

Controls Updates

Watch our webinar on Controls Updates.

How to Replace Protectors

This video will step you through heater protector replacement.

Lufran Press Release

Read about updates to the Lufran UPDI water heater.

Why UL is so important

Learn why standards matter!

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