Safely heat 4 process loops with one unit!

Product Description

The Nexus Series electric inline heater is optimized to safely heat up to 4 process loops with one unit.

  • Features
    • Safely heats through indirect contact instead of direct immersion and deliver superior temperature stability with changes in flow.
    • Low-flow inline chemical and solvent heater for a variety of applications and industries.
    • Low cost of ownership - Only 1 set of controls and safeties required for up to 4 process loops.
    • Reduced footprint needed in process tools.
    • Patented purge feature extends heater life.
    • Certification: CE certified, UL499 compliant.
  • Specifications
    • 500-2000 watts
    • 120-480V, single phase
    • Pressure range: Up to 276 kPa
    • Temperature range: Up to 80°C (176°F)
    • Fluid Connections:
      • Low Flow: 6mm (1/4) SP300 Nippon Pillar
      • High Flow: 6mm (1/4") SMC Hyperflare
      • Low Flow: 3mm (1/8”)
      • High Flow: 3mm (1/8")

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