Next Generation High-Purity Heater, Frontier Plus+!

Product Description

PFA and PTFE-wetted surfaces provide a higher level of purity for metal-free solvent heating.

  • Features
    • Frontier Plus+ is a high-wattage, high-flow inline chemical/solvent heater for use in a variety of applications and industries.
    • No wetted o-rings maintain an ultra clean heating process.
    • Offers outstanding performance over a wide range of flow and temperature requirements.
    • Safely heat process chemistries, including IPA
    • Certification: UL499, Semi S2 and CE certified (pending).
  • Specifications
    • Construction: PFA and PTFE wetted surfaces, fluid pathway through manifold tubing oriented in a patented circular array.
    • Standard Wattages: 2kW up to 24kW.
    • Voltages: 200 to 480 volts, single or three phase (12kW and larger require three phase)
    • Temperature Range: Up to 180°C (356°F) (Consult factory for watt density requirements).
    • Fluid Connections: ½-inch (12mm), ¾-inch (19mm), or 1-inch (25mm) flared connections (custom connections available).
  • Options Available (consult factory)

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